12-13-14.oct Verona, Italy

#Pragma Conference 2016

The Italian iOS & OSX Developers Conference


The only major event dedicated to iOS and OS X development in Italy

Conference Days

October 13th - 14th, 2016 - Verona, Italy

#Pragma Conference is the first international conference in Italy entirely dedicated to iOS & OS X Development. Taking place from October 13th - 14th 2016 in the historical & artistic atmosphere of Verona, It is a great place to meet and connect with experienced developers from all over Europe. The Conference Days are dedicated to sessions and networking: international speakers will talk about the most interesting and cutting-edge topics of the Apple world. It’s a unique opportunity to meet some of the most influential speakers to learn and discuss about novel frameworks, best practices and the latest development methodologies.

Workshop Day

October 12th, 2016 - Verona, Italy

A day of practical, in-depth, 6-hours workshops taught by industry experts. The topics will span from consolidated Cocoa technologies and practices to the latest announced APIs, tools and frameworks. Each workshop will get you from zero to hero on a specific topic, with a hands-on experience and in-depth explanation of advanced details, tips and tricks as learned from the teacher’s experience.


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We have been organizing workshops, conferences and meetings for 4 years gathering to our venues more than 1100 attendees. We have more than 600 members on our Facebook group, more than 1k followers on our Twitter account and more than 500 subscribers on our Youtube channel. With our newsletter we can reach more than 1k developers.

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It’s not just the talks: enjoy 3 great days of sharing and connecting.

What makes going to a conference a great experience is meeting people having a great variety of backgrounds and perspectives, all sharing a common passion.

Being able to discuss, work out ideas, or just chat over a cup of coffee with hundreds of people over two days is what makes the difference between attending and watching a video online.

Every year we're surprised and delighted to see how many new connections, friendships, projects and smiles are born at #Pragma Conference. That's why we put a lot effort into making #Pragma Conference a great environment for our community to network, relax and have fun together.










Meet our great lineup

Daniel Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg

iOS Developer

iOS Developer, trainer, and writer. Author of the book A Swift Kickstart.

Michael Flarup

Michael Flarup


Designer, Co-founder at Robocat, creator of App Icon Template.

Simon Gladman

Simon J. Gladman

Swift iOS Developer

Swift, Flex and ActionScript Developer. Author of Core Image for Swift.

Natasha Murashev

Natasha Murashev

iOS Engineer and Robot

iOS developer by day and a robot by night. She curates a fast-growing weekly Swift newsletter.

Natasha Murashev

Krzysztof Zabłocki

Developer, Maker, Speaker

Objective-C Playgrounds, @foldify, 3D engines, App Store Essential apps.

John Sundell

John Sundell

Lead iOS Developer, Spotify

Builds Spotify's component-driven UI framework. Creator of the Unbox & Wrap Swift JSON libraries.

Ayaka Nonaka

Ayaka Nonaka

iOS brewer, tea engineer

iOS Engineer at @WorkflowHQ and author of Learn Swift ↯

Boxun Zhang

Boxun Zhang

Data scientist at Spotify

Data scientist at Spotify, focusing on the measurement and modeling of user's retention behavior.

Jon Reid

Jon Reid

Tool writer | Blogger | Speaker | Trainer

Practicing #TDD since 2001, applying it to Objective-C since 2005. Helping iOS developers create Clean Code.

Hector Zarate

Hector Zarate

Spotify’s own iOS cowboy

Besides working at some exciting features, he is also author of an internal framework in charge of rendering lots of Spotify in iOS.

Ellen Shapiro

Ellen Shapiro

Lead Mobile Developer at SpotHero

Lead Mobile Developer at SpotHero, which makes it easier and cheaper to find parking in major American cities. She's also the lead developer on Hum, an application which makes it easier for songwriters to capture their ideas.

Ben Scheirman

Ben Scheirman

iOS/Mac screencasts at @NSScreencast

Ben Scheirman is an experienced software developer from Houston, TX. He is the founder of NSScreencast, where he produces weekly screencasts on iOS development.

Call For Speakers

Do you think to have something great to share with iOS & OS X developers? Would you like to tell your experience, your methodologies and best practices? Are you an expert on a specific technology? #Pragma Conference is the ideal place to showcase your ideas, knowledge and experience. The proposal submission deadline is Thursday, 30th June, 2016.

General Rules

It is strictly forbidden to advertise products / services of any company during a talk. It is possibile to mention products / services only by way of example or if commonly considered mainstream (like Google, MS Office, Facebook, Ubuntu, etc.). It is also allowed to quote your own company within 1 minute of introduction, to talk about yourself and your professional background. If you want to explicitly present your own product / service for commercial purposes, please consider whether to hold a sponsored talk.

Please note that the speaker maintains the copyright on the talk. The speaker has full responsibility for the content of his talk as well. The speakers attending the event agree to be filmed and photographed during the event and the right of #Pragma Conference to publish these documents on the conference website and other media channels and to provide #Pragma Conference with a digital copy of the talk (slides, text and / or other supports) and the right to publish these documents on the conference website and other media channels.

Sponsored talk

If you want to present a commercial product of your company, consider the possibility of holding a sponsored talk. We have limited spaces and it may not be accepted by the organizing committee if the theme of the talk is not considered relevant to the event.

How to apply

To apply for Pragma Conference 2016 as speaker, you must fill a form for each talk/workshop you’d like to submit, before June 30th 2016. And you need to confirm your presence within 2 days from our communication of acceptance.

We are looking for proposals in these macro areas: Swift, Development methodologies, Best Practices, Design Patterns and Tools, User Interface, User Interaction, User Experience, Mobile Design and Animations, Startup, Case History, SEO, ASO, Marketing, App Ranking and App Analytics, WatchKit, CloudKit, Apple Pay, CoreData, HealthKit, iBeacon.



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what people say

I really enjoyed Pragma Mark. I both gave a presentation and held a workshop, so I got to meet a tonne of people. Pragma Mark was a great relaxed environment. Being held in the heart of the beautiful Milan doesn’t hurt, either.
Ash Furrow Mobile Engineer @ Artsy
Pragma Conference is one of the European events with the best content. Amazing workshops and stellar speakers attract audience from around the globe. The event is a fantastic opportunity to network, enjoy great food and wine, and visit Italy.
Marin Todorov Product Engineer @ Realm Inc
The organisers did a great job of assembling a cast of speakers which gave presentations ranging from inspiring to amusing. The roster contained a veritable who-is-who of the iOS development scene
Oliver Drobnik iOS developer @ Cocoanetics.com.